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camelia Zaki

talent management

A multidisciplinary artist, Camélia took singing and stage lessons from the age of seven.

In 2016, she began a vocation in dramatic art at La Montée secondary school and made her debut in show business with her participation in La Voix Junior 1, where she worked with Marc Dupré.

In 2017, she joined the group Cool Kids with other ex-participants of La Voix Junior. The group makes the music for the series Mini-Tuques (English version: Snow Snaps) broadcast on Télétoon, Treehouse and Disney. The show's two albums, French and English, are available online and the series is sold in 21 countries.

The group performs two songs for the film "La Course des Tuques," distributed in more than 200 countries. The film's musical score won a Félix at the 2019 ADISQ Gala. Cool Kids became NCK and also received their own television show, NCK behind the scenes. They record new songs and dub the voices of their animated characters. With NCK, Camélia did many shows across Quebec and gained a lot of experience despite her young age. She is distinguished by her unique voice, her passion and her mastery of the performing arts.

In 2021 she was selected to participate in the show
Star Academy.


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