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Blü Dog media was the producer of the musical content for the feature film La Course des Tuques / Racetime which was released in theaters in Quebec in December 2018.


The soundtrack includes 12 tracks which brings together in English: Cyndi Lauper, Lara Fabian and Simple Plan, and in French: Dumas, Alex Nevsky, Garou, Corneille, Alexe, Ludovick Bourgeois, Joshua Moreno as well as the NCK (#Cool Kids) who reinterpret U2's hit Beautiful Day.


The film is a worldwide success, the songs have been covered in several countries such as South Korea and Poland.


The album won the Félix award at ADISQ in the 2019 youth album of the year category.


Blü Dog Media received the SOCAN award for the film's title track "Pour commencer", performed by Alex Nevsky and composed by the duo Fred St-Gelais and Nelson Mainville. This song was at the top of the Top 100 BDS radio charts in 2019. Blü Dog Média thanks Musicor, Torpille Promo radio and all the collaborators who helped make this song a success.

Feature film |  89 minutes 

Producer: Carpe Diem Film & TV

Director: Benoit Godbout

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