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Gabriel Peloquin


author - composer - performer

Young artist to discover, Gabriel surprises Quebec with the release of his very first EP of original music for Christmas 2020, Rouge et vert. Singer-songwriter Gabriel has released a bilingual holiday EP of 4 catchy original songs with varied beats and memorable melodies.


An experienced chorister, Gabriel has notably supported the “direct” shows of La Voix seasons 7 and 8 and appeared on several television programs such as “En Direct de l’Univers”. In 2019, he performed "Hallelujah", a Pentatonix version, solo during the Montreal Canadiens' opening game of the season at the Bell Centre. The television passage, broadcast live in Canada and the USA, was seen by millions of viewers. A multidisciplinary artist, Gabriel also performed the role of Willard in 2020, a show produced by Productions 90'. He is also very successful on Tiktok, where his videos total more than 2 million views.


His mission, “Expose his music in a true way, without filter, in order to inspire, transport, entertain and make people dream. »


Composer of accessible music that goes straight to the point, his music pleases the first time you listen to it and he carries the “less is more” well by going straight to the point. In particular, he is preparing material for 2021, a French-speaking and dynamic universe

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