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Josh Alexander is an author, composer and performer.

Originally from Quebec City, he arrived in Montreal in 2017 and crossed paths with Nancy Brault. Blü Dog's vice president sees the aura that emanates from Josh. This one is palpable, its universe is mysterious, diversified and rhythmic magic.


Josh writes and records his first song with Corneille in French, ’Je serais là’ on the soundtrack of the film Racetime and he performs in solo the English version ’Not Alone’’.


In September 2019 he released his first single entitled "Level Up" which is available in both languages, in French and in English.


He co-wrote the music for the NCK series behind the scenes for the NCK group.


Josh Alexander is currently in the writing phase for himself and other artists and his next track will be released in fall 2020.

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Nuit de décembre
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Gone Blind
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