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Noir Silence 

Noir Silence, Canadian French-speaking pop rock group from Quebec. Formed in 1993, with Jean-François Bernatchez, Samuel Busque, Jean-François Dubé, Martin Roby and Michelle Lambert, the group has left its mark with more than 100 songs including 33 radio singles and 13 video clips. The eponymous album (or Album Bleu, 1995) shone by selling more than 150,000 copies, leading the group to win three Félix awards.


Titles like, Malade, Méo Penché, Le vent a tourne, En attendant de parti, allowed the group to tour the French-speaking world, playing in front of huge crowds, notably on the Plains of Abraham in front of 100,000 people. Through their 10 albums, the quintet has earned two gold records and one platinum record.


The group holds a prestigious SOCAN Classic award for their cult song On Jase de toi, played more than 25,000 times on the radio over 20 years.


With more than 30 years of career and more than 1,000 shows to their credit, Noir Silence remains a pillar of the French-speaking Quebec scene.


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